Which Holidays Do Criminal Attorneys See the Most DUIs?

Which Holidays Do Criminal Attorneys See the Most DUIs?

July 22, 2019

Holidays are a busy time for criminal attorneys in Lubbock, TX. In fact, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, summer vacation for most students, has been called the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. Adults are not immune from this, and festivities often result in more alcohol consumption. Here are the holidays with the most DUIs:

  • Fourth of July: Being in the middle of summer and often involving a combination of alcohol and fireworks, the Fourth of July is very troublesome for DUIs. People coming back from parties or shows often drive home impaired, especially if the day after the Fourth is a work day. Concerns focus more on getting to work the next morning rather than being safe. These factors make the Fourth of July the most dangerous in terms of DUIs. If you plan on being out late on July 4, it is a good idea to either go into work later that day or declare it a vacation day.
  • Labor Day weekend: The long weekend that marks the end of summer often invites many people to overindulge. DUI arrests are especially high on the Friday night of the weekend, and continue through to Monday. Labor Day weekend has the second-highest rate of DUIs after July 4. If you plan on barbecuing, camping or any other Labor Day celebration, secure rides and crash space for anyone who may overindulge.
  • Thanksgiving weekend: Binge social drinking is so prominent during Thanksgiving weekend that Thanksgiving Eve is often called Black Wednesday. It is the busiest night of the year for bars, and DUIs increase along with the drinking. If spending a day with relatives is concerning enough that you feel the need to binge drink, be prepared to hair a ride share or designate a sober driver. The risk of arrest for DUI is not worth it.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas: Unsurprisingly enough, Christmas is also a popular time period for DUIs. The number of festivities and the pressure of the season often drive people to drink more than usual. If you are not accustomed to drinking often, be careful at this time of year and always be sure you have a plan for getting home if you have had too much.
  • New Year’s Eve: Due to public information campaigns and the holiday’s dubious reputation, New Year’s Eve is actually not a popular time for DUIs. In fact, the number of DUIs has dropped steadily over the years. That said, this is still a risky time to be out, and if you plan on drinking, also have a backup plan in case you are too impaired to drive.

If you or a loved one face a DUI or DWI, the criminal attorneys in Lubbock, TX at The Law Office of Rob Biggers are here to assist you. Call us as soon as possible if you were pulled over for a DUI. Time is of the essence in criminal cases, and the sooner we get started, the better defense we can design for you.

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