When Should You Consider Hiring a Lawyer?

When Should You Consider Hiring a Lawyer?

August 19, 2019

For the average person, hiring a lawyer sounds like a hassle and a major expense, and many people try to avoid it as much as possible! In certain cases, like appearing for speeding tickets or in small claims court, a lawyer isn’t necessary for a successful resolution. However, sometimes there is simply no substitute for years of education and legal experience. When do you need to hire an attorney in Lubbock, TX? Here are some typical situations where attempting to handle things yourself is not likely to help your case:

  • When there are high stakes involved: Not every case is a complicated one, but when it involves something precious to you—your children, your assets or your freedom—it makes sense to hire a lawyer.
  • When the other party has legal representation: If the other party has legal representation, you should consider hiring your own attorney. If you’ve ever heard people say a case was dismissed “on a technicality,” that’s often because a lawyer has identified problems with procedure, such as improper collection of evidence, lack of proper filing and other seemingly small issues that can have a big effect on your case. Having an attorney can give you the peace of mind that your case is being handled properly.
  • When the law is complicated: Licensed attorneys have gone through specialized education, a rigorous Bar exam and continuing legal education to keep them up to date in their chosen fields. While some law looks simple enough on its face, lawyers are trained to know how it actually plays out in court. Attorneys know how to challenge evidence and case law, as well as how to present the best case for you. This also applies to legal paperwork like wills and other estate planning documents—a good lawyer will be able to critically evaluate your options and guide you to the best solution.
  • When you need experts and witnesses: In many cases, whether you’re trying to recover damages or stay out of jail, experts and witnesses are crucial to establishing your case. Hiring expert witnesses—and establishing their credibility in front of a judge and jury—is a complicated process that can make or break your case. Attorneys are in a far better position to track down experts and witnesses, evaluate their testimony and present it to its best effect.
  • When you want to settle out of court: Just because you hire an attorney doesn’t mean you need to appear in court—many attorneys are also adept at getting your case handled before you ever have to appear before a judge. Whether it’s a plea bargain or a settlement, a good attorney will be able to tell you what your options may be.

While we all hope we never need the services of an attorney, oftentimes, it’s a wise choice to seek representation. Are you looking to hire an attorney in Lubbock, TX? Instead of aimlessly searching for “lawyers near me,” call the Law Office of Rob Biggers. We’ll give you the guidance and expertise you need.

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