What Holidays Are Most Dangerous for Drinking and Driving?

What Holidays Are Most Dangerous for Drinking and Driving?

September 4, 2019

While DUIs are generally more prevalent on weekends and at night, there are also certain days and times of year at which drinking and driving hits its peak. These spikes in DUI incidents tend to occur around holidays, when there are more likely to be people consuming alcohol at parties.

Here is a quick sampling of the worst holidays to drive with regard to holiday drinking and driving:

  • 4th of July: The 4th of July, according to a number of reports and statistics, is the single deadliest holiday of the year for drinking and driving accidents. In 2017, for example, there were about 540 fatalities and 58,000 serious injuries reported on Independence Day alone, with drinking and driving being the root cause of the majority of these incidents. This isn’t a surprise—4th of July parties tend to start early and last all day, so people driving home after fireworks have already been consuming alcohol since the early afternoon in many cases.
  • New Year’s: The early morning hours of New Year’s Day might be the most dangerous several hours of the year as far as drinking and driving goes. Once the clock strikes midnight, people slowly start to trickle out of the bars and parties. The danger increases right around closing time. This is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, and with so many people out and about, it’s unsurprising that there are plenty who make poor choices regarding their ability to drive.
  • Thanksgiving: Lots of people hit the road on Thanksgiving Day to get out to their family celebrations. Thanksgiving, being a day-long event involving alcohol, is another day that tends to have a lot of DUI incidents. But perhaps even more dangerous than Thanksgiving Day itself is the day before. This is considered one of the biggest drinking days of the year, when many people return to their hometowns and reunite with old friends the night before spending time with family. The bars get packed, as do the roads, and it makes for a potentially dangerous situation in some circumstances.
  • Labor Day: Labor Day weekend is essentially the last chance many people have to enjoy the summer weather with the whole family before school starts up again. Many people take road trips or long weekends over the Labor Day holiday. Even if these trips are just a couple hours away, this makes for a lot of extra people on the road. Considering many of them have the day off work, it means alcohol consumption is more likely, so the combination of alcohol and clogged roads makes for a higher incidence of DUI accidents.
  • Memorial Day: You can say basically the same thing for Memorial Day as Labor Day, except that it’s at the beginning of the summer instead of the end. It’s a long weekend, there are more people drinking and on the road and there’s therefore greater chance of collisions.

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