Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

October 3, 2019

Nearly every kid loves Halloween and the opportunity to collect plenty of tasty candy. But how accurate are the myths of razorblade apples and poisoned candy? Are there any other dangers you should be aware of?

It turns out that one of the biggest dangers for trick-or-treaters is not harmful candy, but getting hit by cars. Sadly, the proliferation of active, excitable children in dark clothes during the nighttime can lead to tragedy.

Stay safe this Halloween in Lubbock, TX by teaching your children about Halloween safety. We’ve assembled these tips that will make sure you and your family have a great holiday:

  • Make sure your child’s costume fits: When your child is wearing an ill-fitting costume, they’re in danger. Reduced visibility can cause them to wander out into the street, not aware of any danger, while too-long pants or skirts can present a tripping hazard.
  • Always supervise your kids: Never allow your child to trick-or-treat alone. Not only is it unsafe to allow small children to ring strangers’ doorbells, you should also be there to ensure that they’re following appropriate street-crossing procedures. Keeping an eye on your little ones is the most important thing you can do to prevent tragedy.
  • Use reflective tape: The return of autumn means the days end earlier. Since you and your child will be walking around in the dark, it’s your responsibility to ensure drivers can see you. Try using reflective tape around the top and bottom of your kid’s costume for maximum visibility. This will allow drivers to spot their height and movement before it’s too late.
  • Stay in familiar territory: When deciding where to trick-or-treat, plan to stay in familiar parts of the neighborhood. Preferably, you’ll find a well-lit neighborhood with friendly neighbors you can trust. Always use the sidewalks, and teach your children to utilize crosswalks. Smaller children should be carried or have their hands held (no matter how much they may protest).
  • Make eye contact: When you’re crossing the street with a group of children, one of the best things you can do to ensure their safety is make eye contact with drivers so you know they’ve seen you before you even take one step off the curb.
  • Use flashlights and/or glow sticks: Kids love glow sticks and glow necklaces—which is great, because they increase visibility and help light the way. Each adult should carry a flashlight for any darker or more treacherous parts of the neighborhood.

With these safe Halloween tips, your Lubbock, TX family is sure to have the best holiday experience yet. We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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