Drinking This New Year's Eve? Follow These Safety Tips

Drinking This New Year’s Eve? Follow These Safety Tips

December 17, 2019

When you’re making your plans for New Year’s Eve, you should also plan for your personal safety and the safety of those around you. For most people, this means planning for a designated driver as well as gathering friends together so you can look out for each other.

At The Law Office of Rob Biggers, we’ve assembled a few of our best New Year’s safety tips in Lubbock, TX to help you have the best—and safest—holiday possible:

  • Plan to get home safely: Whether you’re drinking or not, you need a plan to get yourself and your friends home safely. For some, this means relying on designated drivers, taxis or rideshare services. If you’re the designated driver, be sure to have the non-emergency police number on speed dial to report possible drunk drivers, and ask your guests to buckle up. Try not to leave your car anywhere overnight if you can avoid it, but getting home safely should be your first priority—if you need to leave your car at the last stop to ensure everyone gets home safely, don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Keep your guests safe: Are you the host of this year’s blowout bash? That’s fantastic—but you have a responsibility to make sure, to the best of your ability, that your guests don’t leave and drive home drunk. Consider investing in a couple of air mattresses, make your couch available and of course have a taxi or designated driver’s phone number on hand if you’re unable to drive them home yourself. A little prevention could save lives.
  • Don’t use fireworks, especially if you’ve been drinking: Many of us enjoy the lights and crackle of fireworks to ring in the new year—after all, it’s a fun and dramatic way to welcome in another year. If you’ve been drinking, however, you are risking serious bodily harm. Alcohol and other drugs slow reaction time and lessen inhibitions, which, when combined with fire and explosives, can have devastating consequences. It’s best just to leave the fireworks locked up (or better yet, don’t buy them in the first place).
  • Make sure your kids are safe: If you have kids who are old enough to go out on their own, make sure you have a safety plan in place—at least one parent should be awake and sober until your child gets home, and you should know exactly where they’ll be at all times. Ensure your child feels comfortable asking for help by telling them that the most important thing is their safety, so they should call you no matter what.

If your plan for how to stay safe for New Year’s in Lubbock, TX didn’t work out the way you hoped, and you need a lawyer, call The Law Office of Rob Biggers. Whether you’re trying to settle a family dispute out of court or need legal representation in a criminal case, we are ready to take your side and fight for you. You can count on our firm to always fight for your best interests and help you pursue the very best legal outcomes.

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