COVID-19 Scams Are on the Rise

COVID-19 Scams Are on the Rise

May 15, 2020

In addition to all the general upheaval that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing, scammers are taking advantage of the global chaos to try to hack sensitive information from unsuspecting, stressed-out people. If you’ve gotten a strange email in the last month or so, read on to find out what to expect with COVID-19 scams in Lubbock, TX. Here are some of the more common scams going around during the pandemic:

  • Emails from the White House: There are scam emails going around that look like they’re from the White House, purporting to push tax dates back to August 15, 2020. They then ask users to click on a link to see further instructions. Unfortunately, if you click this link you will be instructed to download a document full of malicious software.
  • Blackmail: There are scammers who claim to have a “dirty secret” about you and threaten to report you—and infect you and your family with coronavirus—if you do not do what they want. This usually requires sending them money or bitcoin. These are unfounded claims and should be ignored. Do not send money to strangers on the internet who claim to have sensitive information about you. Contact authorities.
  • “Emergency grants foundation”: If you’ve gotten an email asking you to enter your Social Security number for an emergency grant, stop. These are usually scammers who are taking advantage of vulnerable seniors who are worried about their income. Do not enter your Social Security number unless you type in the web address for the government website yourself—otherwise, you may be exposing your information to malicious hackers.
  • “Vouchers” for canceled flights: So many people have seen their vacations and flights canceled thanks to coronavirus. There are some emails going around that purport to “refund” users for their canceled flights if they click on a link. Instead of doing that, go to the airline website and call their customer support hotline to find out more.
  • Emails announcing your entire staff has been infected by coronavirus: One strange campaign that’s currently happening is scammers informing people that their team has been infected with COVID-19—and including a picture of their staff members (which may or may not be accurate) as proof of the claim’s “authenticity.” This often comes from “Turkish Hospital and Laboratories,” although the same scam could be done using other names. If you see this, please assume that it is not real—remember that HIPAA prevents anyone from sharing sensitive medical information without permission of the patient.

Keeping yourself, your families and your businesses safe and healthy during COVID-19 is a difficult but important part of life in 2020. If you believe you’ve been the victim of a COVID-19 scam in Lubbock, TX or think that your business is suffering due to the actions of malicious hackers, make sure to call the authorities as soon as possible.

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