Which Traffic Laws Are the Most Frequently Forgotten?

Which Traffic Laws Are the Most Frequently Forgotten?

July 3, 2020

We’ve all been there—you’re cruising down the road and flashing red and blue lights come up behind you. It turns out you’ve forgotten about some traffic law or another, and now you’ve got a brand-new ticket to commemorate the occasion. After you’ve passed the driver’s test and have been driving for a while, it’s all too easy to forget some of the more obscure traffic rules. We’ve always got somewhere to be or something else on our minds.

Here is an overview of the most frequently forgotten—or ignored—traffic laws in Lubbock, TX.

No tailgating

There is nothing more annoying than that person going 15 mph in a 35 mph zone, but leaving six inches of room between your bumper and theirs isn’t just unsafe—it’s also against the law. Tailgating is against the law, and if you’re not following the “three second rule,” you’re putting everyone in danger and setting yourself up for a hefty fine.

In good weather, you should always put at least three seconds between yourself and the car in front of you so you’ll have plenty of time to stop. In inclement weather, even more space is necessary.

Wear your seatbelt

Even if you grew up in a time when seatbelts weren’t required (“and everyone turned out fine!”), it’s the law today. Always buckle up before you start your vehicle, and make sure that each passenger is also safely secured. Children should always be in car seats or booster seats, as dictated by their age, height and weight. If you have trouble installing car or booster seats, many local fire departments will help parents make sure that their seats are properly installed.

If you need any extra impetus to buckle up, remember that unbuckled passengers can bounce around or hit buckled-up passengers in an accident, which has proven to be fatal in many cases. It’s simply not worth the ticket or the risk to your life.

Follow the speed limit

Okay, maybe you’re not “forgetting” this one—it’s hard to do that when there are speed limit signs posted everywhere—but having to go 55 mph can sure make the open road feel a lot less free. Unfortunately, speed limits are there for a reason, and cops love to give out speeding tickets. The more reckless you are, the higher the fines and penalties will be. Don’t risk it.

Come to a complete stop

It might be called a “California stop” across the country, but Texans do it, too. Rolling through a stop sign or stoplight because no one else is coming might seem safe enough, but that carelessness can be dangerous—at times, even fatal—and if the police catch you doing it, you’re setting yourself up for a moving violation.

It might not be fun to follow traffic laws to the letter, but make sure you don’t “forget” these rules. They might be traffic laws that most people don’t follow in Lubbock, TX, but they could save your life.

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