Tips for Avoiding Costly Tickets During the Holidays

Tips for Avoiding Costly Tickets During the Holidays

December 1, 2020

December is frequently a busy month out on the roadways. More people are out and about doing their holiday shopping and running last-minute errands, and as we get closer to Christmas and New Year’s, more people will be hitting the road to travel and visit family and friends.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic will certainly put a limit on the number of people out on the roads this year, you can still expect it to be busier than it’s been for much of 2020.

The last thing you want to have happen during the holidays is to be issued a traffic ticket, which can pose an unwanted, unforeseen expense. The best thing you can do to avoid this is simply drive safely and make good decisions. But if you do find yourself pulled over by an officer and face traffic citations over the holidays in Lubbock, TX, here are a few things you can do to lessen your chances of getting an expensive ticket:

  • Be polite: Remember that every police officer has to approach every traffic stop cautiously—they don’t know who is in the car or how they will respond to being pulled over. You can make matters significantly easier by being calm and polite to remove the tension from the situation. Turn off your radio, roll down your window, put out your cigarette (if you smoke) and give the officer your complete attention. Be courteous with all your responses.
  • Don’t talk too much: The officer just wants to get on with their day, so there’s no need for idle chatter. In addition, the more you talk, the more information you potentially give the officer to use against you. Talk just enough to pleasantly and briefly respond to the officer’s questions, and remain compliant. Don’t confess to wrongdoing without being prompted with a specific question.
  • Don’t argue: Don’t try to talk back to the cop or argue with them about any assertions they make. You can calmly state your case, but you don’t need to press it, and you certainly shouldn’t allow yourself to get angry, as that could escalate the situation. Pleading ignorance is also unlikely to help you, so don’t bother. It’s your responsibility as a driver to be aware of the rules of the road. Cops are less likely to let you off with a warning if you try to make excuses, so don’t bother fighting back.
  • Ask for a warning: If it comes down to it, you can ask for a warning—just don’t beg them for the warning, as it will be extremely annoying. Remember that a warning is just the officer doing you a favor. If you haven’t taken the previous steps, asking for a warning almost certainly will not work—the officer has to want to help you, and the more you fight, beg or act rudely, the less likely they will be to actually do it.

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