Do I Have the Right to Know Where My Child Is During Visitation in Texas?

Do I Have the Right to Know Where My Child Is During Visitation in Texas?

May 24, 2021

Dealing with custody and visitation issues can be emotionally draining for parents. Even when their marriage ended amicably, things can become difficult when other family members, new romantic partners and babysitters are thrown into the mix. While you might have a relatively positive co-parenting relationship, old tensions can still crop up—and when children are involved, there’s often a serious emotional component to go along with it. Here’s how to handle child visitation in Lubbock, TX.

Does my ex have to tell me where my child is at all times?

Yes—every parent is entitled to know where their child is during visitation. Even if you enjoy a peaceful relationship, it’s important that a parent has peace of mind. As a general rule, you should always let your ex know where the child will be—and with whom. If you’re taking your kids to see your parents or siblings for the weekend, make sure the other parent knows. Not only is it required, but it’s the right thing to do. In case there’s an emergency, the child’s parents deserve to know where they are.

There’s no need to give your ex a detailed itinerary of what you’ll be doing, and where, for the entire visitation period. However, your ex should know generally where the kids are, who will be present and how you can be reached during visitation. Exchange home and work addresses, phone numbers and email addresses so you can contact each other when necessary. If you’re concerned about your ex’s behavior while you have the children, talk to your attorney. There may be precautions you can take to prevent stalking, violence and other situations inappropriate for children.

Visitation best practices

Remember that visitation is a chance for children to get to spend time with both of their parents. As long as your ex is deemed suitable by the court, it’s usually a good idea to let your children spend one-on-one time with their other parent. To that end, try to keep the visitation as peaceful as possible.

Be as flexible as possible when you’re arranging visitation schedules—sometimes work or other situations come up that make it impossible to adhere to a strict schedule. Never deny the other parent their time with your child, unless there are extreme circumstances. For example, if the other parent shows up drunk or under the influence of other substances, you may not want to send your child along for their own safety. If that seems to be the case, call your attorney or the police before making any decisions. They’ll be able to tell you what your options are and how to navigate the situation without jeopardizing your own custody.

Finally, make an effort not to poison your children against the other parent. Resist the urge to badmouth them or buy the child’s love with expensive gifts. Following these tips will help ensure that your child has the best possible experience.

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