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An Explanation of First-Degree, Second-Degree and Third-Degree Crimes

November 12, 2020

In most states, crimes are broadly classified according to whether they’re felonies or misdemeanors, which indicates their general severity and what type of punishment can be expected. Texas further subclassifies its felonies as first, second or third degree. The difference between these crime classifications in Lubbock, TX can be significant.... View Article

What Qualifies as Extortion in Texas?

November 5, 2020

What is extortion? In Texas, extortion is a crime that’s charged like theft—even though it’s not always what comes to mind when people normally think of stealing. Instead of going behind someone’s back to simply steal something (theft), breaking into their home or business (burglary) or holding them at gunpoint... View Article

Things You Should Know About Texas’s Three Strikes Law

October 29, 2020

Three strikes in Texas, and you’re out—and not just when it comes to baseball. Several states have “three strikes” laws, which are designed to punish offenders more severely when they commit subsequent severe felonies. The idea is to keep habitual criminals in jail and off the streets, in a bid... View Article

Is It Worth Taking a Case to Trial?

October 9, 2020

Should you plead guilty or not guilty? Do you have a prayer of winning if your case comes before a jury? What happens if you plead guilty and avoid trial? For the most part, only your attorney can answer if it’s worth going to trial in Lubbock, TX. Each case... View Article

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