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What to Know About COVID-19 Restrictions in Texas

June 26, 2020

Texas is notorious for marching to the beat of its own drum, and that has proven true in the COVID-19 pandemic. The state has the twelfth fewest coronavirus restrictions in the nation, which means that if you’re in a vulnerable population or simply can’t afford to get sick, you should... View Article

If You Owe Fines, Here’s Why You Should Pay Them

June 16, 2020

Many of us have experienced the frustration of getting a fine at the least convenient time, which tempts many people to put off paying them until they’re in a better financial situation. What happens if you don’t pay your debts and fines in Lubbock, TX? Unfortunately, when it comes to... View Article

What Are the Miranda Rights?

June 2, 2020

Any police procedural fan knows that anytime a suspect is arrested, they must be read their Miranda rights—the speech that starts out with “you have the right to remain silent.” However, many people don’t fully understand what their Miranda rights are, and what they mean in Lubbock, TX. The Miranda... View Article

What Are Your Rights When You’re Being Detained?

May 26, 2020

Most laypeople know that they have some legal rights when law enforcement pulls them over or stops them on the street, but what those rights are and how far they extend depend on the specific circumstances of your stop. Today it’s crucial to understand your rights, but cooperate with police... View Article

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