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Being accused of a crime is life-changing. You face jail time, damage to your reputation, fines and more if convicted. Without the right attorney in Lubbock, Woodrow, or anywhere in Lubbock County, TX behind you, you may not get the representation you deserve in pursuit of exoneration.

At The Law Office of Rob Biggers, our criminal attorneys believe in the innocence of our clients and strive to provide them with the fair, honest, reliable presentation they need to face their day in court with confidence. We absorb the details of your case and craft an argument that’s powerful, factual and, ultimately, successful.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise reaches all areas of criminal law and our criminal lawyers in Lubbock, TX are well-seasoned in defending a diverse array of cases. No matter the circumstances or the factors at play, we’ll treat your case with the keen attention to detail it deserves.

Whether you’re accused of robbery, are facing a weapons violation or have been charged with domestic assault, our legal team will stand by you. Our scope of experience includes all of the following situations:

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DWI/DUI Representation

In Texas, DUI and DWI charges are two different things and need to be handled appropriately. Not only is our legal team equipped with a thorough understanding of both, we represent individuals facing them both.

  • DWI generally refers to someone under 21, with less than .08 alcohol in their system.
  • DUI is an adult accused and having more than the legal limit of alcohol in their blood.
Regardless of the charge you’re facing, we’re ready to step up and represent you. Let us help you move past your situation, so you can get your life back on track.

Our Criminal Lawyers Will Represent You

When the time comes to present yourself in court against a criminal charge, make sure one of the criminal attorneys from The Law Office of Rob Biggers is standing by your side. Contact our criminal lawyers today at 806-368-7728 with the details of your case.

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