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Family law is a sensitive area of practice and one that takes tact to approach properly. Often, the wellbeing of families—particularly children—hangs in the balance of the outcome. At The Law Office of Rob Biggers, we understand this, which is why we work hard to minimize collateral damage, expedite outcomes and assure fair, honest rulings in favor of our clients.

If you’re looking for a family attorney in Lubbock, Woodrow, or Lubbock County, TX who will represent the best interests of you and your family, look no further than our experienced team.

Family Attorney

Areas of Expertise

While some family lawyers in Lubbock, TX specialize in specific areas of family law, our experience is wide-ranging and inclusive. Regardless of your situation, we’re intent on getting the facts and representing you in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

From minimizing the strife in divorce proceedings to tactfully handling child custody disputes, our focus is on finding the best possible solution.

Our areas of experience include:

Family Law

Delicate Handling

There’s so much at stake beyond the final judgement when it comes to family law. Your finances, mental health, reputation and the wellbeing of your children all come into play.

At The Law Office of Rob Biggers, we aim to make sure you get through everything with minimal impact on the things that matter to you most. And, of course, our family attorneys will fight for you to make sure you walk away from your situation with your head held high and the peace of mind you deserve in a just judgment.

Let Us Represent You

If you’re facing legal action involving your family, such as a domestic violence situation, child support dispute or legal separation, contact The Law Office of Rob Biggers. We’ll make sure you don’t have to face things alone and we’ll fight for you to make sure the final outcome is one that’s in your best interest. Reach our family lawyers today at 806-368-7728 with the details of your case.

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